CCHF Mission:

To leverage the potential of the Center to Develop technology for Selective C–H Functionalization that will Revolutionize the practice and reshape the Teaching of chemical synthesis, Empowering end users in the Material Sciences, Fine Chemicals development and Drug Discovery.

The Center for Selective C–H Functionalization (CCHF), is an NSF-Funded Center for Chemical Innovation (CCI). The CCI's have been set up to bring together a network of scientific leaders to address some of the big questions in the modern chemical sciences. Find out more about the CCI program here. The CCHF is leading a paradigm shift in the way organic molecules are constructed, a change that promises to impact everything from the medicines we take, the food we eat, through to the clothes we wear and the way we generate and harvest energy.

About the CCHF:

Collaborative research is carried out between 23 research groups spread over 15 institutions from across the United States. The challenges involved in bringing C–H Functionalization to the mainstream of synthetic organic chemistry require input from a broad range of expertize, from organic chemists, catalyst design specialists, inorganic chemists, theoreticians and process development experts.

Research Overview:

C–H Functionalization has the potential to impact the way in which we construct all organic molecules and hence the chemistry that underpins much of modern medicine and manufacturing. By removing the fields reliance on functional groups, complex organic molecules can be made in a streamlined, cost-effective and environmentally benign fashion. For a more in depth overview of C–H Functionalization visit here.

CCHF Community:

The CCHF is comprised of over 100 graduate level and above research scientists that form a research community with an exceptional scope of expertize. Though geographically dispersed the community meets on a regular basis to brainstorm ideas, discuss research projects and drive the Center forward. The Center has also built strong partnerships with industrial companies, investigating new and exciting challenges in pharmaceutical development and materials science. This provides a fantastic environment for training the next generation of investigators, building skills in collaboration, networking, presenting to diverse audiences and building confidence in generating new ideas. Beyond the benefits inherent to being part of such a Center the CCHF strives to build a comprehensive professional development portfolio to support and prepare our student and postdoctoral members for their future careers.