Center for Selective C–H Functionalization

Center for Selective
C–H Functionalization

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The Center for Selective
C–H Functionalization

aims to bring about a paradigm shift in the logic of chemical synthesis, one that has the potential to impact the construction of all organic molecules. The Center brings together leading experts in a range of chemical disciplines from across the United States to work collaboratively on challenges beyond the scope of individual investigators. Explore these pages to find out more about the research we are doing, how we are disseminating our science to the broader community and how you can join in with the Centers work.

Research Highlights

C–N bond formation by C–H Functionalization survey

FEB 2015 - In this survey of the literature the Blakey group describe the most significant and practical methods for... Read more

Cu(II)-Catalyzed Coupling of Aromatic C–H bonds

FEB 2015 - One of the core programs within the CCHF is the development of catalysts based upon earth-abundant elements that can... Read more

Factors that Impact Pd-Catalyzed C–H Activation

FEB 2015 - As part of an ongoing program within the Center to create a detailed picture of the mechanistic details... Read more

Rh(III)-Catalyzed C–H Olefination

FEB 2015 - The Yu group from The Scripps Research Institute, in collaboration with the Sun group from Nanjing University... Read more

Expedient Synthesis of Maraviroc

FEB 2015 - A collaborative project between the Sorensen and Du Bois groups have employed C–H amination to streamline... Read more

C–H Silylation of heterocycles

JAN 2015 - This report describes the results of a collaborative project between the Stoltz and Grubbs groups at Caltech... Read more

Late-Stage Functionalization of Alkaloids

JAN 2015 - Novartis, in collaboration with Prof. Huw Davies, describe their findings on the selective... Read more

Expanding the Carbene Toolbox

JAN 2015 - This highlight review discusses some of the recent advances in carbene chemistry... Read more

Pd-Catalyzed Conjugate Addition

JAN 2015 - Through an extensive international collaboration, scientists at the CCHF and the ITbM... Read more

Pd-Catalyzed Conjugate Addition

JAN 2015 - The Stoltz, Zare and Houk group have brought a collaborative approach... Read more

News and Events

Element 19 Documentary

04/20/2015 - In celebration of Earth Day, April 22nd 2015, the Resnick Institute for Sustainability at Caltech... Read more

Inaugural Virtual Symposium

03/31/2015 - The CCHF held the first in a new program of virtual symposia aimed at bringing cutting edge research... Read more

CCHF Director named NAI Fellow

03/19/2015 - The National Acaemy of Inventors (NAI) has named 170 distinguished innovators to NAI Fellow Status... Read more

CCHF Faculty awarded the Novartis Lectureship

02/01/2015 - The Novartis Chemistry Lectureship is awarded to scientists in recognition of outstanding contributions to organic... Read more

CCHF Outreach talk at Albany State University

01/27/2015 - CCHF presented an overview of the Center and our science at ASU... Read more

Frontiers in C–H Functionalization Symposium

01/15/2015 - Center members and industrial partners came together... Read more

Science Nation Highlights the CCHF

12/12/2014 - Science Nation Online magazine highlights... Read more

STEP Students tour CCHF labs at Emory

09/26/2014 - STEP students tour the CCHF labs at Emory University... Read more

CCHF Members at NOBCChE 2014

09/23/2014 - CCHF members attended the 2014 NOBCChE conference... Read more

Outreach presentation at Winthrop University

09/18/2014 - Outreach presentation at Winthrop University delivered by CCHF Grad Student Kathryn Chepiga... Read more

Collaborative Network Editorial

SEP 2014 - CCHF Management publish an overview of the Center model of research... Read more

Yu Group Chemistry World Highlight

04/14/2014 - New discoveries in templated C–H activation by the Yu Group was recently highlighted in Chemistry World... Read more

CCHF hosts Novartis Symposium

04/04/2014 - As part of the growing relationship between the CCHF and Novartis, the CCHF hosted the Novartis Symposium... Read more